Captain Robert Arthur Revell
Regiment: 1st Batt. Essex Regiment
Killed In Action: Yes
Date Killed: Saturday, June 12, 1915
Age at Death: 25
Plot Reference: Q. 474.
Captain Robert Arthur Revell, 1st Batt. Essex Regiment, who was dangerously wounded at Dardanelles about June 4th, and died at Deaconesses Hospital, Alexandria, on June 12th, was the second son of the late John A. Revell, Esq., of Newcastle House, County Wicklow, and of Mrs. Revell, Bray. He received his commission in 1st Essex Regiment in 1912, and joined his regiment at Quetta, in November, from there he accompanied it to Mauritius, returning to England last December to join 29th Division, which sailed for Dardanelles on March 22nd. He was promoted Lieutenant, February, 1913, and was given his company a short time before his death.
Date of Publication: 
Friday, July 30, 1915